1 (of an idea or plan) worth accepting or considering.
2 Law allowable as evidence.
3 (foll. by to) capable of being admitted.
admissibility n.
Etymology: F admissible or med.L admissibilis (as ADMIT)

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  • admissible — [ admisibl ] adj. • 1453; lat. médiév. admissibilis 1 ♦ Vieilli Que l esprit peut admettre, qui est recevable. Hypothèse admissible. ♢ Mod. (surtout négatif) Tolérable, supportable. Sa conduite n est pas admissible. 2 ♦ Qui peut être admis (à un… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • admissible — ad‧mis‧si‧ble [ədˈmɪsbl] adjective LAW able to be used as evidence in a court of law: • Secretly recorded phone conversations are not admissible as evidence. * * * admissible UK US /ədˈmɪsəbl/ adjective LAW ► allowed or able to be considered in …   Financial and business terms

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